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21+19 days 

 January 1st, 2023- February 9th, 2023 online

In the yogic tradition 40 is a super-charged number. If you do a practice for 40 days you have a good chance of shifting something.

This is why this time around the invitation (or challenge) is to meditate for 40 days straight.

I believe that meditation is a powerful way to live a more peaceful life. But it's not a quick fix. It might feel like you're getting worse before you get better. Don't worry, it's part of the process!

What you need:


* Commitment


* A decent internet connection.

* A journal to track your progress

* A sense of humor (to unflinchingly meet the monkey mind)

This is how it will go.

On January 1st you will receive a video from me with a few tips and a short guided meditation. Then you're on your own until January 9th, when we'll meditate together for 21 days straight at 8:00 CET via zoom.

On January 30th you'll receive another video from me with some reflections and a guided meditation. You're on your own again (or maybe you can join forces with some of your buddies from the course?) until February 9th when we'll meditate together again and celebrate that we made it!

What you'll receive:

* 2 recorded sessions

* 21 days of guided meditation

* High quality recordings of all sessions

* A team of accountability buddies

This course is open to newbies and more experienced meditators alike. 

PRICE: €140 or €50 if you have a Heavy User IV pass 

Email me if you have any questions or to sign up:

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