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8-week Meditation course

Start Thursday, September 7th, 19:00, 75 min

How our meditation practice unfolds and deepens, depends first and foremost on whether we actually practice regularly or not. And that, in turn, is greatly helped by having a sangha (community) there to catch us when we fall. 

Once we've settled into regular practice, and felt the positive effects thereof, we can start to cultivate more steadiness, sensitivity and sustained mindfulness.

And we can begin to deconstruct our minds and in the process, unravel suffering. Which is the real goal of yoga and any contemplative practice.



Each session will start with about thirty minutes of flow, followed by a 20-30 minute guided meditation.



New techniques & ways of looking


To learn some of the core teachings of the Buddha

Sharing & caring


PRICE: €108 or €80 (Heavy User V), includes high quality recordings of each session.


This course is not intended for absolute beginners

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