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7 week online course

start Tues 5/3, 18:30-20:00

Are you curious about movement? Are you looking for more depth that you typically get in a drop-in vinyasa class? Do you like mindful inquiry in motion? Are you an experienced student or a teacher?

How about embarking on a 7-week movement journey, during which we'll peel back the layers, to uncover the profound origins of ALL movement. This course is inspired by the teachings of acclaimed New Zealand-based teacher, Donna Farhi.

Each week we'll focus on one of the seven moving principles: BREATHE YIELD RADIATE CENTER SUPPORT ALIGN ENGAGE

And each week we'll flow through a similar well-balanced sequence, but because our inquiry will change each week, and we'll be paying attention to different aspects of the shapes, our breath and our contact with the earth, how we experience the sequence will probably feel different

Weekly Structure:

  • Introduction to Moving Principle: Each session begins with an overview of the week's moving principle, providing context and insight into its significance within the body and the practice.

  • Embodied Inquiry: Dive into a carefully crafted flow sequence, where you'll be guided to explore the featured principle. Participants will be encouraged to embody and explore each movement, fostering a deeper connection to their practice and themselves.

  • Meditation: Feel the effects of the particular inquire on the citta (heart/mind) and the nervous system regulation.

  • Interactive Engagement: Each session will conclude with an opportunity for questions, reflections, and shared experiences.

What You'll receive:

7 X 90 minute classes + access to the recordings in case you must miss one

imaginative soundtracks for each week in the form of spotify playlists

a sangha (community)

Course runs from Tuesday, March 5th 18:30-20:00, 2024 to April 16th, 2024

PRICE: €77 EB until February 14th, then €90

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