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Meditation is both the most simple thing AND the hardest. 
There are many paths that lead to the same goal. Everyone who attempts to cultivate this skill may not even aim for the same thing.
Someone might be looking for a little more presence, a little less stress. Someone might be aiming for 10% happier, while another might yearn for AWAKENING. 
One thing is clear though; the longer you stay on the path, the more interesting territories you will stumble upon. 

Each and every path has pitfalls and trap doors. 
I've fallen into most.
We may (falsely) think that our mind simply is too busy for meditation, that we can't do it. Or we might get tangled up in doubt, are we doing it right? Is it even making a difference?  We might get all strive-y and competitive. 
Many of us feel like fuck-ups because our minds are loud and unruly.
Practice might feel 'dry' at times, or like another item on our never-ending to-do-list.
Or we might simply struggle to make it to the cushion, even though it's only a few steps away. And even though we know deep inside that this is a really good thing.

I've been there and done that.

I fell in love with meditation on retreat in 2006 but then didn't meditate another minute for the next five years.
But since attending a 10-day vipassana retreat in 2011 I've been devoted practitioner, with many silent retreats, loads of self-study and a mindfulness teacher training under my belt. 

I also hold a BA in Psychology and am currently studying under Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Sharon Shelton and many other fine meditation teachers.

My offer is to hold space for your practice, to guide and support you, and to hold you accountable.
We'll meet once a week for about 1 hour, for one month, via zoom or in person. During the sessions we'll meditate together and then explore whatever comes up: discomfort, restlessness, boredom, strange body sensation. 
Each week there will be homework, which can include readings, guided meditations, podcasts, journaling or videos.

In order to attend this program, you need to commit to practicing at least 20 min/day during the month.

Included is also a follow-up session 3-4 weeks later. If you'd like to extend the program to three months, we can discuss that too. 

Possible topics:

*Meditation posture
*Loving kindness 
*Difficult emotions
*The inner Critic
*Compassion practices

*Developing Samadhi (concentration/collectedness)
​* How to 'progress' on the path

PRICE: €225 for 5 sessions

Available spots available in June & July. To book, just select ANY available date (doesn't have to be the one you want). Once your booking is confirmed I'll get in touch so that we can determine the exact times and dates that we meet.


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