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Here you will find links to endeavours and places that I adore, and that are linked to the network of beautiful people that make up the intricate web of this community. 

If you are part of this community and would like your shop/café/cool video/website to be listed here, please write me a line about your THING and I will add the link.

Jaina is simply DA BEST massage therapist in Berlin


Sweet Oana offers an active birthing workshop


Sarah is an amazing Berlin-based Pilates and Eldoa teacher


Real Yoga is Hanna Turner — A really great yoga teacher and friend, she also has really good videos on the Tube


Fantastic yoga and Barre teacher based in Berlin


My friend Eva's sweet studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin


Sweet café with many vegan options in Lüneburg


Psych-K coach and powerhouse Mallorca-based woman


Great composer, and sometimes Maya's music is featured on SMY soundtracks


Swanmountain teacher, U.K-based Harriet Herb is both a friend and a fantastic yoga teacher <3


One of Berlin’s best tattoo artists, Sarah is also a talented interior designer and artist, as well as a dear friend and long-term Swanmountain Yogi


Olivia is one of my favorite Berlin-based tattoo artists and really cool human


Conor is a stellar meditation teacher and writer (check out his book 'This is It)


Swanmountain’s talented graphic designer

Tal is a very groovy London-based artist

Marion makes amazing collages!

Love this artist and long time SM yogi

Best Agave Spirits Ever!

A gem of an artist, Chantal also does work on commission

This talented photographer took a lot of the photos on this website

Berlin's best Astrologer Christina

Heart-centered therapy and group therapy by amazing Verena


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