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I have organized and hosted over 30 yoga & meditation gatherings in six different countries since I started in 2012. I have a many guests that have joined several gatherings and keep coming back. Which is proof I'm doing something right. if you like the kind of thing I offer, that is. 


I've outgrown the yoga holiday model where you practice yoga asana morning and evening and the rest of the time do whatever. Like drink wine on the beach or scroll the phone. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not what I offer.

I am interested in co-creating brave space. And I would like the gathering to have lasting effects. Everything we do might not be easy or pleasant. That's not how we grow. But there will suerly be lots of fun, beauty and warmth too. 

Therefore full or partial digital detox is always encouraged. Meditation will be the centerpiece of any gathering. We might explore other movement modalities and/or creative expressions.


It is well known, especially by scientists who study happiness, that nature has immense healing powers. Therefore you can expect the gathering to take place in a naturally beautiful spot. 

I choose to work with locations that care about sustainability and that aren’t crazy luxurious and therefore insanely expensive. Food will always be plant-based. 


Some people may travel to a gathering with a friend or a partner. But most come alone.

In my experience however or with whomever one arrives, the group quickly starts to feel like one warmly vibrating team. 


It is my wish that you’ll be leaving a Swanmountain gathering, having made new friends, new discoveries, and that you’ll be bringing a new tool, practice or or shift of perspective back home.


— Yoga, Meditation & Community in the Tramuntana Mountains

June 1st, 2024

Soller, Mallorca


A Gathering for Creativity, Flow & Belonging

October 27th-November 3rd, 2024

In Sabina, Italy


— Meditation, Mindful Movement & Rest

December 12-15

Nonna Hof, Mecklenburg, Germany

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