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8 week online course

start Tues 30/4, 8:00-9:00

Do you feel overwhelmed by modern life?

Are you trying to juggle friends, career, family, workouts, social media etc?

Do you find it hard to make all the pieces of the co called life puzzle fit?

Do you dream of a SIMPLE LIFE?


Despite all the time-saving tools available to us, and despite our lives being infinitely more comfortable in many ways than just a few generations ago, many of us are anxious and stressed out.

It might seem counterproductive to add yet another thing' to fit into that already jam-packed life puzzle. But the purpose of this course is to explore how we can have more and more of less and less. 


Each morning we'll flow through a sequence that won't change much during these 8 weeks. It will be a well-balanced yoga flow, with elements of Qi gong and somatics weaved in. Each Tuesday we'll practice the same pranayama and we'll practice mindfulness meditation. 

The idea is also that at the time of signing up for this course, and for the duration of it, you renounce something that you suspect is adding to the chaos, or taking up too much headspace or physical space. Something that depletes your resources, whether mental, physical or monetary. 

This could be a habit, a person, an object, like a collection of porcelain figurines for example. It could be a hobby you've been too busy to notice that you've actually outgrown. 

And as the weeks roll on, maybe you would feel like shedding even more dead weight?


*40-45 min of FLOW, 15-20 min of PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION

* A weekly email with a short reflection, or a prompt to help you simplify and de-clutter further.​​

* Recordings of each session

* A few tailor-made playlists

* Inspiration for home practice

Course runs from Tuesday, April 30th, 8:00-9:00 CET, 2024 to June 18th.

PRICE: €77 EB until April 1st then €88

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