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I am So Grateful For the Sceptic in Me (so that tech bros turned gurus can't steal my money or my sanity)


I’ve never seen any of my past lives.

I don’t believe yoga asana will get you enlightened.

I don’t think drinking Ayahuasca/taking ‘shrooms/LSD is going to solve anyone’s problems.

I’m very skeptical of Astrology, and mildly interested.

I’m skeptical of The Enneagram, and extremely interested.

I’m very skeptical of Human Design, and not interested.

I’m skeptical of the ADHD diagnosis, AND I’ve diagnosed myself with it.

I’m skeptical of any offering that has ‘transformation’ in the title or description.

I’m VERY skeptical of Reiki, despite sometimes giving it.

I’m very skeptical of people who call themselves ‘spiritual.’

I’m very skeptical of people who call themselves yogis.

I’m very sceptical of people who call themselves yoga teachers.

I’m usually not skeptical of people who call themselves pilates, HIIT or Barre teachers.

I’m dreading McMindfulness.

I’m very skeptical of the notion that emotions are stored in the hips. Or that inversions are bad when you’re on your period.

I’ve never met any ghosts, and I’m agnostic to whether they exist or not.

I’ve never seen angels, and I’m agnostic to whether they exist or not.

Even when friends and family tell me about meetings with spirits/ghosts/angels/past lives I’m skeptical AND (try to be) open-minded, but keep wondering if there could be other explanations.

I’m skeptical of memories (especially my own)

I’m skeptical of other people’s judgements of other people

I’m skeptical of science

I’m skeptical of supplements

I’m skeptical of ONE SIZE FITS ALL

I’m extremely skeptical to whether objective TRUTH really exists

I’m skeptical of coaches. Especially coaches who coach coaches coaching coaches

I’m skeptical of people who have 1000 followers on the ‘gram and call themselves PUBLIC PERSON

I am very skeptical of anyone who uses QUANTUM to sell their stuff

I’m skeptical of the idea that depression could be caused by a chemical imbalance.

I’m skeptical of my own skepticism

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