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Best yoga teachers and studios in Mallorca

A human Lotus Flower at Tramuntana Flow
A human Lotus Flower at Tramuntana Flow

I live and work on an island to which millions of holiday makers come every year. These days, many of these holidaymakers want to do yoga while they're here. Maybe you're one of them?

While Mallorca is Mallorca, and Ibiza is Ibiza, there's still a lot of yoga and other related activities to be enjoyed here, on the island.

One of the meanings of the word yoga is UNION. And this sense of unity, of non-separation, this feeling of YOGA, I mostly get these days from nature. So my number one tip for experiencing yoga on Mallorca would be to find yourself on one of the less touristy beaches, at dusk or dawn. Watching the sun rising or setting and merging with Mallorca's legendary pink skies. Or find a trail (there are many!) and soak up the mediterranean fauna, the lush spectrum of green has a soothing effect on the nervous system.

But, if your hellbent on bending and breathing in a group or alone with a skilled teacher, here are, in my opinion, the best yoga teachers and studios in Mallorca

In Palma

In the Santa Catalina 'hood of Palma, there are more yoga spaces than vape shops. And that's a sweet thing. Earth Yoga offers a wide variety of styles, all taught in English, across two pretty rooms, with friendly staff and fair prices. My favorite teachers there are Emmeline, Alit and Danae. No need to pre-book, just drop in if you're in town. They also host immersions, workshops and trainings.

Down the street is Livingroom, which isn't just a yoga studio, but a creative space that offers yoga and meditation classes in English, along with courses in ceramics and drawing, as well as lectures and talks. Pre-book your spots!

There are also many great yogi-friendly (read vegan/vegetarian) cafés and shops around that tangle of streets. One of my faves is Mama Carmen for brunch and for the nice organic shop attached. I also love NU, Palma's plastic-free supermarket, also with a small café inside. There's also Palma Bread (the best croissants and sourdough and Swedish kanelbullar) and Jonny Dhaba, my favorite Indian.

In Alaro

Heading west, towards the magnificient Tramuntana mountains, in the cute village of Alaro, there's a cozy little space called Surya Yoga, run by a wonderful human and teacher, Marta. She teaches in Spanish only, but even if you don't speak castellano I'm sure you'll enjoy. This is also where I teach weekly, Mondays 19:00-20:15. Pre-booking is recommended. Even though Alaro is tiny, there are a couple of other solid teachers there Agnes Kru, hailing from Poland, via Germany offers strong Flow group classes, as well as privates. Check her out! There's also Natalija, who runs a small shala in the outskirts of the village. She's a gem.

In Sollér/Deia

Climbing up into the mountains, to Soller, there's S'espai -- an absolutely gorgeous studio with big panoramic windows looking out over the mountains. To me, this is hands down the prettiest space on the island. There's also Lily, of Mallorcalma, who's a stellar human, and who offers the most gentle Jivamukti classes ever. She also does privates around the Tramuntana, and helps organize retreats too. You can also find her classes at Mountain Wellness in Deia, a mini studio in the most insanely scenic village.

Sineu & around

In my village of Sineu, there's a long-time and old school Iyengar teacher Alexis. He's definitely the real deal, and he offers insanely popular bi-lingual classes (English/Spanish) in the heart of the village.

Naturally, if you're headed for Sineu, you can visit my cute little home shala for a private, or book me for a yoga experience in nature.

Also worth a mention is Lau, she offers strong yet sweet Flow classes, workshops and retreats throughout the island.

Retreat Sanctuaries

Then there are some gorgeous retreat sanctuaries that are worth checking out if you are looking for something a bit more immersive. Osa Major, La Serrania, Tramuntana Flow and Cal Reiet are a few that come to mind.

A few final words, while you are here, please take good care of the island. Try not to buy any plastic bottles, instead use the Cleanwave filling stations around. See if it's possible to come here without flying, or if not, compensate for your flight.

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