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Is Anyone Suprised?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Would we have this pandemic if we didn't treat animals like objects? If we didn't produce chicken breasts like we produce car parts?

Letting the birds live their whole miserable lives in wire box, the size of an A4 sheet?! Sickly and sad-looking.

Whenever I see footage from chicken or pig farms (where many of the so called novel viruses have emerged) I can't help feeling that humans deserve a pandemic.

And how vulnerable would adults be to a virus like Covid-19 if we had been taught and encouraged to care of ourselves? If the so called food industry wasn't largely ruled by lobby groups trying to sell us dangerous garbage. If we instead of eating highly processed junk food, meat from animals that have been tormented their whole lives for our 'pleasure,' and genetically manipulated and pesticide-treated foods that depletes our gut health? If our lungs weren't damaged from pollution and stress? And from too much sitting and too little cardiovascular exercise? If so many of us hadn't been made dangerously overweight from the above mentioned junk foods and lack of movement? If we hadn't made our naturally kick-ass immune systems weak from over-use of antibiotics, from the aforementioned poor gut health, from cleanliness-hysteria, often with harsh chemicals.

And how easy would the virus spread if our planet wasn't over-populated? And if flying hadn't become so normalised and inexpensive? And if so many small communities and villages hadn't died out because all the jobs were in the cities?

And would the measurements taken by authorities to contain the virus be so detrimental to so many if the richest 1% of the world didn't own more than 44 percent of the world's wealth? And if we didn't have so much inequality? And if the world's food wasn't shipped around the world instead of grown in peoples' backyards, balconies, or at least in their communities or countries?

And would people suffer so from social isolation if they had learned to make more peace with their own minds?

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