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Meditation retreat in Brandenburg

April 8-11 & June 17-20, 2021

Breitenteicher Mühle, Brandenburg, Germany

Join us for a taste of Wild Silence, or, as we jokingly call it 'Vipassana Light' at the tranquil Mühle, tucked away in Uckermark, the prettiest part of Brandenburg.


Yes, it's a silent retreat, which means no talking. Unless you have practical questions or requests for the staff, or questions regarding your practice for the teacher.


This weekend will also be a full-on digital detox. At the start of the retreat we’ll gather all phones (and all other screens) and keep them safe for you during the weekend. Your near and dear can naturally get in touch with you via us in case of an emergency). This will be one of many challenges, but it will also help still the mind, so you can begin to practice deeply. Challenges aside, we believe this will also be a beautiful and interesting experience, of going deeper into your meditation practice and beginning to understand how your mind works. 

This is not a 10-day vipassana* course, but an extended weekend of yoga, walking and seated, guided and un-guided meditation, tasty plant-based food, sauna, forest walks, reading, journaling and rest.


We hope this to be a powerful reset, and that you will continue to reap benefits long after you've returned home. After the silence is broken, there will be plenty of time to share and process your experiences with your fellow retreaters. 



Breitenteicher Mühle is located about 50 minutes by train north of Berlin




€270 for the course


€270 for all meals and accommodating in simple yet pretty double rooms

€240 for all meals and accommodating in a spacious triple room

€210 for all meals and accommodating in a Mongolian Yurt with heating


For inquiries or to book, email:


Yoga, Meditation & Digital Detox Retreat 

October 9th- 16th, 2021

Danena Sicily, ITALY

You don't have to be a Buddhist to benefit greatly from Buddhist psychology and practices. Even though the Buddha lived and taught over 2000 years ago, the human plight (read: mind) hasn't changed that much, meaning we can reap the same immense benefit from practicing that he did, and which eventually led him to become awakened.

Buddhism is not something to believe in, it is something to explore for yourself. Come see how these practices can help you lead a happier, kinder life. Good for you, good for others. 


In my experience, yoga asana practice is often the ‘gateway drug’ into other aspects of yoga, that have even greater potential to change your experience of life.

We start by getting out of our heads and into the body. Then we move into concentration and contemplation practices. The idea is to actually show up for our lives, the way they are unfolding moment by moment. Here and now. And in the process becoming less anxious and less self-absorbed. 


During the week we’ll practice vigorous flow yoga and meditation in the morning. The afternoon sessions will change from day to day. Sometimes we may practice yin or restorative yoga. At other times we might listen to, and discuss Buddhist teachings, or have longer meditations or group/partner work.  

We'll have scheduled silences. Digital detox is highly encouraged. So is journaling. 




7:00 -9:00 Flow Yoga & Meditation

9:15   Breakfast

13:30 Lunch

17:30 Evening Program (yin or restorative yoga, dharma talk, meditation etc)

19:30 Dinner



Danena Sicily is located in the Southeast part of the Island, about 10 km from Noto. The closest airport is Catania Airport. It is possible to arrive in the nearest town, Rosolini, about 5 km away, via public transport. Pick-ups can be arranged from there. If you want to explore the area, and its many beaches and cultural sites, a rental car is a must, but if you are happy to just relax at the property you don't need one.

If you can travel without flying, I will be happy to give you advice on how, and I will also reward you with a €50 voucher towards the next retreat. 




Course fee €400. Retreat regulars receive a 10% discount on the course fee.


+ €750 for 7 nights in shared pretty doubles and 3 delicious plant based meals per day. 

Booking is confirmed upon payment. Payment plans available with a small admin fee. 

For inquiries or to book, email:

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