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When life gives you lemons ...

I was living in New York City on the 11th of September, 2001. That day also ended the relationship with my first live-in boyfriend in a sea of tears and hurt.

A little less than a year before that, I had started practicing yoga regularly at a little studio called Go Yoga in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I was so afraid of falling apart because of the turmoil in my city, and the turmoil in my heart, but I quickly discovered that I was able to move onwards quite easily, that I could manage to pain because I had this little thing now, this yoga practice, a space to breathe and be in my body, that had the magical powers to make me instantly feel better.

A few years later I was going through another break-up and another crazy disaster: Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, where I had moved just in time for the mother of all storms to tear my city and circle of friends apart.

And some years after that I happened to be living briefly in Norway when the Utœya massacre was happening.

At all those moments, and also now, as I'm once again saddened and confused by big world events and by personal life stuff, I felt so lucky to have my practice. To have the power to step into the NOW, out of time, out of hurt, worry and fear.

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